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The precipitated material is removed, dried and treated with carbon tetrachloride at an elevated temperature of about 500 to 600 deg C to form a vapor mixture of UCl/ sub 4/, UCl/sub 5/, FeCl/sub 3/, and CrCl/sub 4/. The UCl/sub 4/ is separated from this vapor mixture by selective fractional condensation at a temperature of about 500 to 400 deg C. At the same time, human data on the interaction between these metals are contradictory. Therefore, while managing hypoferremia and Fe-deficiency anemia, it is recommended to assess the level of other trace elements in parallel with indices of Fe homeostasis. It is supposed that simultaneous correction of trace element status in Fe deficiency may help to decrease possible antagonistic or increase synergistic interactions. Redox energy storage system have been isolated and identified as Cr6(3+) and Cr5Cl(2+) by ion-exchange chromatography and visible spectrophotometry.

The resulting materials were hot extruded and tested for room temperature toughness and 1300 K compressive strength. Dopant was to improve torque transducer sensitivity and linearity, but heat treatment worsened the performance of both samples. Reactant stream to ferrous ions while chloride ions were oxidized to chlorine gas. Packed-bed column biosorption of chromium and nickel onto Fenton modified Hydrilla verticillata dried biomass. The major adsorption mechanism proposed was the ions exchange; however the surface coordination was a main role in the condition of TDS less than 200mg/L.

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The films were characterized using differential scanning calorimetry, stress analysis, SEM, XRD, SIMS, electron microprobe, and potentiodynamic polarization techniques. With decreasing release rates of alloy constituents as a result. As expected, released metals from stainless steel grade 316L were neither in proportion to the bulk alloy composition nor to the surface film composition. Comparison of nickel and chromium ions released from stainless steel and NiTi wires after immersion in Oral B®, Orthokin® and artificial saliva.

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Plated low alloy steel is found to exhibit fairly good corrosion in comparison with Incoloy 925 and thus can be an excellent candidate to replace Incoloy materials. Four different types of protective devices were evaluated. A foam-metal arrestor design was successful in quenching gaseous hydrogen and gaseous oxygen flames, however; the application of this flame arrestor to individual cell or module protection in a battery is problematic. Systems to remediate Cr in groundwater, either through redox reactions at the mineral-water interface or by the release of Fe to solution via mineral dissolution and/or metal corrosion. Moreover, the Ni-Fe/Mg/Al catalyst exhibits much better regenerability toward oxidation-reduction treatment for the removal of deposited coke than that of conventional Ni-Fe/α-Al2 O3 . This property can be attributed to the better regeneration of Ni-Fe alloy nanoparticles through the formation and reduction of MgO.

Oxides lead to change in their dispersion, providing easier reducibility, higher catalytic activity and stability of the obtained materials in comparison with the corresponding mono-component ones. Reaction rates were determined for chromate reduction in the presence of different types of … Both copper-aluminum alloys showed considerable corrosion in the sulfide solution and clinically in the non-self-cleaning site.

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Amounts of Cr detected in SS and in PF (microg L(-1) per week) were from 1 to 10.4 and from 50.5 to 8,225, respectively. It was therefore concluded that brackets from different manufacturers present different corrosion behavior. Further studies are necessary to determine clinical implications of the findings. Release of nickel and chromium ions from orthodontic wires following the use of teeth whitening mouthwashes. The effects of flame type, burner height, slit width, and lamp current on the atomic absorption measurements are reported. Contribution to chromium and nickel enrichment during cooking of foods in stainless steel utensils.

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The melting and fabrication conditions were carefully controlled in order to minimize all variable effects on properties except chemical composition. Information is presented which indicates that melting and hot-working conditions play an important role in high-temperature properties of alloys of the type investigated. Five Ni-Cr and 10 titanium disks with a diameter of 5 mm and thickness of 3 mm were prepared. Electrode samples were prepared, and open circuit potential measurements, galvanic current measurements over platinum electrodes, and potentiodynamic polarization tests were carried out. For the SEM evaluation, 20 Ni-Cr alloy and 10 gold alloy superstructures were cast and prepared over 30 abutments. Following the fixation of prosthetic assemblies, the samples were embedded in acrylic resin and cross sectioned longitudinally.

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